Hi there!

​I’m Paul and the lady with me is my wife, Liesl.

I have been a photographer for the past 16 years and I have an absolute passion to ensure that everyone is able to capture their memories with loved ones. Be it your wedding day, a birthday party or even just an opportunity to capture your beautiful  family, I do it all.

Liesl makes sure that everything runs smoothly and does all the marketing. So if it is a special you are after or you have an admin query- she’s your go-to gal.

Oh! and if you are in our neighbourhood, pop around for some coffee, we would love to chat to you about your photography needs and give some professional advice.





What we do


The Co-Lab

Towards the end of 2017, we appointed two awesome photographers – Anel & Joshua. This was the beginning of the Paul Nicholas Photography Collaboration programme, or the “Co-Lab” as we call it.

This is an opportunity for young and upcoming photographers to shoot for the Paul Nicholas Brand. All their images are color-corrected and edited by Paul and his editing team. We have complete faith in what they do, as everything bears the Paul Nicholas Photography stamp of approval.

Added to this, as my diary fills up (and we know how quickly that happens), you can be assured that your event will still be in good hands.

The Internship programme

​If you are interested in photography or you would like to pursue photography as a career path, why not join our internship programme to learn more about the world behind the lens. This opportunity is available to any school-going children who would like to see what the world of photography has to offer.